Plan Your Trip

Tips for planning your trip to the internationally-recognized holy site in America where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared.

Getting Started

Are you feeling moved to visit Champion Shrine to experience this peaceful place of prayer with loved ones, your parish, school or community organization? We call this journey a “pilgrimage” and welcome pilgrims here – in the Historic Apparition Chapel or the Chapel’s Apparition Oratory. You don’t need an appointment to come here for prayer and reflection, but, to help us better accommodate you and as a courtesy to our staff we encourage you to notify our pilgrimage planning coordinators to let them know the intended date and of your visit.


Champion Shrine’s pilgrimage planning coordinators can offer many resources to help you plan your pilgrimage. It is our goal to make the planning process as simple as possible to ensure an engaging spiritual experience at the Shrine. Click below for sample pilgrimage itineraries and resources to help you plan your trip and always feel free to contact us directly at 920-866-2571 ext 113 for assistance in the process.

Spiritual Experience

The National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help is an internationally recognized holy site where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared. It is a humble, simple, peaceful place of prayer, reverence, and refuge.  Every visitor is free to enjoy their own very personal experience with self-guided tours. We have staff available to help answer any questions and direct you. 

Pilgrimage Planning

  • Choose Pilgrimage Date / Arrange Travel

    The first step in planning a pilgrimage to Champion Shrine is to determine the date on which you and/or your group can travel. Perhaps you would like to plan a trip to the Shrine around a special feast day Mass or day or evening during which there is a special event or retreat day/weekend at Champion Shrine. View a list of updated upcoming special events or feast day masses.

    If your group will be traveling by bus, contact the travel/tour bus operator in your area immediately to find out whether or not the dates chosen for travel are available. During the summer months, buses are in high demand, making it difficult to find an available date.

    If you are traveling by air to come to Champion Shrine, check for flights available on your selected dates on your preferred airline in one of four international airports within driving distance of Champion Shrine.

  • Contact the Shrine Pilgrimage Coordinator

    To help us serve you better, we ask that you fill out the pilgrimage form below and let us know on what date and at what time we can expect you. In addition to basic contact information and anticipated date/s of pilgrimage, we ask that you share with us any other details about your expectations for pilgrimage. Please indicate, on the contact sheet, whether you would like help planning the event. Also, please indicate whether you would like Shrine staff to be available to assist your group by offering a guided tour, a history talk or other activities that enhance Catechesis.

  • Obtain Planning Guide & Resources

    Visit the Pilgrimage Resources Page for information that will help you plan your pilgrimage. Helpful publications available for direct download from that page include the Pilgrimage Planning Guide, liturgical guide, sample itineraries, brochures, and travel info.

  • Promote Your Event

    One challenge of organizing a pilgrimage is to ensure enough people sign up to go; therefore, it is important that your pilgrimage is properly promoted to those who might wish to attend.  Suggestions for promotion include:

    • Publish, through your parish bulletin or online, the date and time of your pilgrimage.
    • Create a poster and/or a companion flier that can be posted,  showing any special events that may occur at the Shrine during the pilgrimage; e.g: speakers, retreats, etc. Logos, images and other promotional materials can be obtained from the Shrine.

      Request Promotional Materials

    • Have a viewing party at your local parish or prayer group of the Shrine History DVD. You can order the DVD by calling the Shrine gift shop at 920.315.0398
    • Hold a presentation about the Shrine at your Parish or prayer group.
    • Hand out flier or shrine history brochures.
  • Secure Lodging

    While lodging is not provided on the Shrine grounds, there are many options for affordable accommodations in the tri-county region that Champion Shrine is located that provide myriad opportunities/activities to enhance the overall pilgrimage experience. For retreats/missions and large group overnight stays, please contact our pilgrimage planning coordinators who work regularly with area hotels and schools to help you find affordable housing and accommodations. Please also visit our Places to Stay Page and see special considerations before booking.

  • Choose Dining Plans On Site

    If your group will be dining at the Shrine during the pilgrimage, see the Pilgrimage Resources page for a list of caterers that offer a variety of food options for your group. There is also the a limited menu of items available for smaller groups through the on site School House café.

  • Choose Mass Time & Submit Required Credentials

    If a parish or other priest will be accompanying your group and they want to celebrate Mass at the Shrine at a special time or concelebrate mass at The National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help during our regular Mass times, please contact our pilgrimage planning coordinator to obtain the proper paperwork to submit the proper credentials from your Diocese or Archdiocese for the visiting priest .

  • Follow Up

    We ask that you update your pilgrimage planning coordinator with any and all new information until that point when your pilgrimage is booked and all activities confirmed.

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