Is there anything I should bring for the October 9 Solemnity Mass?2023-06-19T12:35:33-05:00

The Solemnity Mass of Our Lady of Champion, on October 9, will be outdoors. We do recommend you bring a lawn chair and weather dependant clothing.

Golf carts will be available for transportation to and from the parking lot for those with limited mobility.

A special blessing will be given by Bishop Ricken after the mass for religious articles. If you’d like to bring your religious objects, such as your rosary, jewelry, medals, or crucifixes, please feel free to do so!

I am a Priest and would like to concelebrate on the Oct. 9 Solemnity. How can I?2023-07-14T10:41:46-05:00

For Priests desiring to concelebrate the Oct. 9 Solemnity Mass (or any Masses leading up to the Solemnity), please fill out this quick form or contact kciha@championshrine.org to inform the Shrine and obtain the proper paperwork from your Diocese or Archdiocese.

I’d like to bring a pilgrimage group to the Shrine on October 7, 8 and/or 9. What do I need to do or know?2023-07-07T14:35:00-05:00

For those looking to bring a diocese/parish/group pilgrimage to the National Shrine for the Solemnity Mass on October 9 or events leading up to the day, please visit our Group Pilgrimage page for planning resources, sample itineraries, scheduling tools, and travel/busing information.

Those traveling with a bus must contact the Shrine ahead of time for proper parking instructions and information.

If needing a block of hotel rooms for your group, please contact our pilgrimage planning coordinator at 920-866-2571 ext 113 or kciha@championshrine.org.

Helpful Tools:

Any questions can be directed to our pilgrimage planning coordinator at 920-866-2571 ext 113 or kciha@championshrine.org.

I’m coming from out to town. Where can I find lodging?2023-07-14T12:06:09-05:00

Those traveling to Champion from out of town and needing accommodations can find a portal link (below) with available blocks of hotel rooms set aside to make reservations. A hotel shuttle to and from Champion will be available to those making hotel reservations through this portal link below.

Click Here to Make Your Hotel Reservations

As you continue to plan your trip, see below for additional planning resource pages related to traveling to Wisconsin, What to know about visiting Champion, and other nearby attractions.

Helpful Tools:

Any questions can be directed to our pilgrimage planning coordinator at 920-866-2571 ext 113 or kciha@championshrine.org.

Will the Solemnity Mass be Livestreamed?2023-09-14T09:51:32-05:00

The Solemnity Mass will be livestreamed on the National Shrine’s Facebook page and on our website HERE.

In addition, Relevant Radio will be broadcasting the Mass live on their network and social channels.

I’m coming from out to town. Where can I find lodging?2023-04-20T09:48:41-05:00

A block of rooms has been reserved at Comfort Inn Suites for the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion for Friday, May 19th & May 20th.  Please contact this information to book your hotel accommodations:

Call – 920-499-7449
Email – choicehotels@reservations.choicehotels.com

I’m interested in speaking at this conference in the future. Who can I contact?2023-01-26T16:03:05-05:00

Please contact our conference coordinator, Kathy, at kciha@championshrine.org

How can I become a sponsor for this event?2022-06-21T16:43:07-05:00

The Shrine welcomes sponsorships at various levels. For more information, please contact Kelsey at kdorner@championshrine.org

Who is Blessed Carlo Acutis?2023-02-28T14:59:58-05:00

Carlo Acutis (3 May 1991 – 12 October 2006) was an English-born Italian Catholic youth and amateur computer programmer, who is best known for documenting Eucharistic miracles around the world and cataloging them onto a website that he created before his death from leukemia. He was noted for his cheerfulness, computer skills, and deep devotion to the Eucharist, which became a core theme of his life. He was beatified on 10 October 2020, two days before the 14th anniversary of his death.

I’m coming from out to town. Where can I find lodging?2023-07-14T12:05:45-05:00

Coming out of town for this youth day? Visit our Lodging page for recommendations near the grounds of the National Shrine.

If you have additional questions, please contact kciha@championshrine.org or call 920-866-2571 ext. 113.

What is a Shrine?2022-04-04T11:46:21-05:00

By the term shrine is understood a church or other sacred place to which numerous members of the faithful make pilgrimage for a special reason of piety, with the approval of the local ordinary. – Canon 1230

At Shrines the means of salvation are to be supplied more abundantly to the faithful by diligent proclamation of the word of God, the suitable promotion of liturgical life especially through the celebration of the Eucharist and of penance, and the cultivation of approved forms of popular piety. – Canon 1234

I’d like to give a donation by check, who should I make the check to?2023-04-20T11:41:17-05:00

Checks can be made payable to: National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion. Please include a pledge form of a note designating your gift. Any gift received without a pledge form or a gift designation will be booked as a general gift and will support the daily operations of the Shrine. Checks can be mailed to: 4047 Chapel Dr., New Franken, WI 54229

Why does the Shrine refer to itself as located in Champion, WI when its address is New Franken?2022-04-04T11:47:53-05:00

The Shrine is located in the unincorporated town of Champion, WI. Due to mailing purposes, New Franken is used in the Shrine’s address.

Is there a retreat center onsite?2022-04-04T11:47:48-05:00

While there is no retreat center with accommodations on site, our pilgrimage planning coordinators are in contact with representatives of local schools, hotels, motels, camping facilities and other operators of large gathering spaces. They can help find the best and most affordable accommodation options for you, your family, or your organization. Please feel free to contact them at 920-866-2571 ext 113.

Is there a dress code?2022-06-16T23:33:46-05:00

The Shrine does not have a formal dress code, but we encourage pilgrims to dress appropriately, keeping in mind they are in the presence of the Lord – especially during the Mass and that we are to be positive witnesses to each other in Christian virtue.

Are there tours available?2022-06-21T16:44:51-05:00

In order to maintain a peaceful and quiet atmosphere for all visitors, the Shrine does not conduct tours. However, we do have self-guided brochures in both English and Spanish, with a map and description of all grotto sites and places of interest on the grounds. To find, visit our visitor resources page.

In addition, our Historical Center features the Shine’s story as a video that plays continuously through the day. History Talks can be scheduled as part of pilgrimage group’s itinerary for a nominal fee.

Does the Shrine offer marriages, baptisms, or funerals?2022-04-04T11:47:32-05:00

While the Shrine is a place for prayer, reflection, and celebration of life, it does not offer marriages, baptisms, or funerals on site. The Shrine is not a parish and reserves those rites to the worshiping community of parishes.

How did Adele damage her eye?2022-06-16T23:34:34-05:00

We don’t know for sure, but there is speculation that Adele suffered the loss of her right eye due to an accident with lye at a young age.

Was Adele a nun?2022-04-04T11:47:21-05:00

Adele was a secular Franciscan who wore a religious habit and lived as a nun but had not professed vows.

Who does the research for all of the history of the Shrine and biographical information regarding Adele?2022-04-04T11:47:17-05:00

There is a professional research team within the diocese that conducts research in connection with those familiar with the Shrine and its history.

What order of nuns assisted Adele in her mission?2022-06-16T23:36:31-05:00

Adele, a Third Order Franciscan, was assisted by a group of companions who joined her as a Tertiary Franciscans.

What is the Shrine’s EIN Number?2023-04-20T11:40:44-05:00

The Shrine’s EIN Number is 20-3929148. When listing the Shrine, please list as “The Shrine of Our Lady of Champion” with our address as 4047 Chapel Drive, New Franken, WI 54952.

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