A Call to Prayer

Our Lady’s message to Adele was clear – to gather the children in this wild country and teach them what they need to know for their salvation, especially in how to make the sign of the cross, how to know the catechism, and how to approach the sacraments. Our church leaders, especially our Bishops, are entrusted with this mission in their own communities and we, as the Church, have a great responsibility in praying for them as they continue the good work.

As our world faces a shortage of peace and an increase in division and attacks within our families and the Church, our Bishops are facing extreme challenges. This is why they need our prayers, now more than ever, for the grace necessary to heroically lead people of faith in these uncertain times.

This is what inspired the Shrine’s Shepherd Project – a season of prayer for each Bishop across the United States, starting from the Shrine’s location in Wisconsin and emitting outward as the year goes on. Join us as we offer up our prayers for a Bishop a day to the Blessed Mother from May 1 to the end of October.

Click HERE for the Shrine’s prayer that will be offered for each Bishop on their day.

Pray With Us Today For…

*Please note that the Shrine will specifically be praying for the ordinaries of each diocese. Auxiliaries, while not called by name below, will be included in our prayers for the Bishop and their Diocese.

Bishop Name Diocese State
5/1 Jerome Edward Listecki Archdiocese of Milwaukee WI
5/2 David Laurin Ricken Diocese of Green Bay WI
5/3 William Patrick Callahan Diocese of La Crosse WI
5/4 Donald J. Hying Diocese of Madison WI
5/5 James Patrick Powers Diocese of Superior WI
5/6 Allen Henry Vigneron Archdiocese of Detroit MI
5/7 Jeffrey Walsh Diocese of Gaylord MI
5/8 David John Walkowiak Diocese of Grand Rapids MI
5/9 Paul Joseph Bradley Diocese of Kalamazoo MI
5/10 Earl Alfred Boyea, Jr. Diocese of Lansing MI
5/11 John Francis Doerfler Diocese of Marquette MI
5/12 Robert Dwayne Gruss Diocese of Saginaw MI
5/13 Blase Joseph Cupich Archdiocese of Chicago IL
5/14 Michael G. McGovern Diocese of Belleville IL
5/15 Ronald Aldon Hicks Diocese of Joliet IL
5/16 Lou Tylka Diocese of Peoria IL
5/17 David John Malloy Diocese of Rockford IL
5/18 Thomas John Paprocki Diocese of Springfield IL
5/19 Bernard Anthony Hebda Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis MN
5/20 Andrew Harmon Cozzens Diocese of Crookston MN
5/21 Daniel John Felton Diocese of Duluth MN
5/22 Sede Vacante Diocese of New Ulm MN
5/23 Donald Joseph Kettler Diocese of Saint Cloud MN
5/24 John Michael Quinn Diocese of Winona-Rochester MN
5/25 Michael Owen Jackels Archdiocese of Dubuque IA
5/26 Thomas Robert Zinkula Diocese of Davenport IA
5/27 William Michael Joensen Diocese of Des Moines IA
5/28 Ralph Walker Nickless Diocese of Sioux City IA
5/29 Charles Coleman Thompson Archdiocese of Indianapolis IN
5/30 Joseph Mark Siegel Diocese of Evansville IN
5/31 Kevin Carl Rhoades Diocese of Fort Wayne–South Bend IN
6/1 Robert John McClory Diocese of Gary IN
6/2 Timothy Lawrence Doherty Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana IN
6/3 Dennis Marion Schnurr Archdiocese of Cincinnati OH
6/4 Edward Charles Malesic Diocese of Cleveland OH
6/5 Earl K. Fernandes Diocese of Columbus OH
6/6 Jeffrey Marc Monforton Diocese of Steubenville OH
6/7 Daniel Edward Thomas Diocese of Toledo OH
6/8 David Bonnar Diocese of Youngstown OH
6/9 Mitchell T. Rozanski Archdiocese of St. Louis MO
6/10 Shawn McKnight Diocese of Jefferson City MO
6/11 James Vann Johnston, Jr. Diocese of Kansas City–Saint Joseph MO
6/12 Edward Matthew Rice Diocese of Springfield–Cape Girardeau MO
6/13 Nelson Jesus Perez Archdiocese of Philadelphia PA
6/14 Alfred Andrew Schlert Diocese of Allentown PA
6/15 Mark Leonard Bartchak Diocese of Altoona–Johnstown PA
6/16 Lawrence T. Persico Diocese of Erie PA
6/17 Larry James Kulick Diocese of Greensburg PA
6/18 Ronald William Gainer Diocese of Harrisburg PA
6/19 David Allen Zubik Diocese of Pittsburgh PA
6/20 Joseph Charles Bambera Diocese of Scranton PA
6/21 Shelton Joseph Fabre Archdiocese of Louisville KY
6/22 John Iffert Diocese of Covington KY
6/23 John Eric Stowe Diocese of Lexington KY
6/24 William Francis Medley Diocese of Owensboro KY
6/25 Timothy Michael Dolan Archdiocese of New York NY
6/26 Edward Bernard Scharfenberger Diocese of Albany NY
6/27 Robert John Brennan Diocese of Brooklyn NY
6/28 Michael William Fisher Diocese of Buffalo NY
6/29 Terry Ronald LaValley Diocese of Ogdensburg NY
6/30 Salvatore Ronald Matano Diocese of Rochester NY
7/1 John Oliver Barres Diocese of Rockville Centre NY
7/2 Douglas Lucia Diocese of Syracuse NY
7/3 Peter Michael Muhich Diocese of Rapid City SD
7/4 Donald DeGrood Diocese of Sioux Falls SD
7/5 David Dennis Kagan Diocese of Bismarck ND
7/6 John Thomas Folda Diocese of Fargo ND
7/7 George Joseph Lucas Archdiocese of Omaha NE
7/8 Joseph Gerard Hanefeldt Diocese of Grand Island NE
7/9 James Douglas Conley Diocese of Lincoln NE
7/10 Mark Edward Brennan Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston WV
7/11 Joseph Fred Naumann Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas KS
7/12 John Balthasar Brungardt Diocese of Dodge City KS
7/13 Gerald Lee Vincke Diocese of Salina KS
7/14 Carl Alan Kemme Diocese of Wichita KS
7/15 William Edward Lori Archdiocese of Baltimore MD
7/16 William Edward Koenig Diocese of Wilmington DE / MD
7/17 Richard Frank Stika Diocese of Knoxville TN
7/18 David Prescott Talley Diocese of Memphis TN
7/19 J. Mark Spalding Diocese of Nashville TN
7/20 Michael Francis Burbidge Diocese of Arlington VA
7/21 Barry Christopher Knestout Diocese of Richmond VA
7/22 Anthony Basil Taylor Diocese of Little Rock AR
7/23 Peter Joseph Jugis Diocese of Charlotte NC
7/24 Luis Rafael Zarama Diocese of Raleigh NC
7/25 Paul Stagg Coakley Archdiocese of Oklahoma City OK
7/26 David Austin Konderla Diocese of Tulsa OK
7/27 Thomas John Rodi Archdiocese of Mobile AL
7/28 Steven J. Raica Diocese of Birmingham AL
7/29 Louis Frederick Kihneman III Diocese of Biloxi MS
7/30 Joseph Richard Kopacz Diocese of Jackson MS
7/31 Gregory John Hartmayer Archdiocese of Atlanta GA
8/1 Stephen D. Parkes Diocese of Savannah GA
8/2 Wilton Daniel Gregory Archdiocese of Washington DC
8/3 Joseph William Tobin Archdiocese of Newark NJ
8/4 Dennis Joseph Sullivan Diocese of Camden NJ
8/5 James Francis Checchio Diocese of Metuchen NJ
8/6 Kevin J. Sweeney Diocese of Paterson NJ
8/7 David Michael O’Connell Diocese of Trenton NJ
8/8 Jacques Fabre-Jeune Diocese of Charleston SC
8/9 Christopher James Coyne Diocese of Burlington VT
8/10 Seán Patrick O’Malley Archdiocese of Boston MA
8/11 Edgar Moreira da Cunha Diocese of Fall River MA
8/12 William Draper Byrne Diocese of Springfield in Massachusetts MA
8/13 Robert Joseph McManus Diocese of Worcester MA
8/14 Peter Anthony Libasci Diocese of Manchester NH
8/15 Leonard Paul Blair Archdiocese of Hartford CT
8/16 Frank Joseph Caggiano Diocese of Bridgeport CT
8/17 Michael Richard Cote Diocese of Norwich CT
8/18 Samuel Joseph Aquila Archdiocese of Denver CO
8/19 James R. Golka Diocese of Colorado Springs CO
8/20 Stephen Jay Berg Diocese of Pueblo CO
8/21 Steven Robert Biegler Diocese of Cheyenne WY
8/22 Michael William Warfel Diocese of Great Falls–Billings MT
8/23 Austin Anthony Vetter Diocese of Helena MT
8/24 Robert Peter Deeley Diocese of Portland ME
8/25 Thomas Joseph Tobin Diocese of Providence RI
8/26 Gregory Michael Aymond Archdiocese of New Orleans LA
8/27 Robert W. Marshall Diocese of Alexandria LA
8/28 Michael Gerard Duca Diocese of Baton Rouge LA
8/29 Shelton Joseph Fabre Diocese of Houma–Thibodaux LA
8/30 John Douglas Deshotel Diocese of Lafayette LA
8/31 Glen John Provost Diocese of Lake Charles LA
9/1 Francis Ignatius Malone Diocese of Shreveport LA
9/2 Daniel Nicholas DiNardo Archdiocese of Galveston–Houston TX
9/3 Joé Stephen Vásquez Diocese of Austin TX
9/4 David Toups Diocese of Beaumont TX
9/5 Daniel Ernesto Flores Diocese of Brownsville TX
9/6 William Michael Mulvey Diocese of Corpus Christi TX
9/7 Joseph Edward Strickland Diocese of Tyler TX
9/8 Brendan John Cahill Diocese of Victoria TX
9/9 Gustavo Garcia-Siller Archdiocese of San Antonio TX
9/10 Patrick James Zurek Diocese of Amarillo TX
9/11 Edward James Burns Diocese of Dallas TX
9/12 Mark Joseph Seitz Diocese of El Paso TX
9/13 Michael Fors Olson Diocese of Fort Worth TX
9/14 James Anthony Tamayo Diocese of Laredo TX
9/15 Robert Milner Coerver Diocese of Lubbock TX
9/16 Michael James Sis Diocese of San Angelo TX
9/17 Thomas Gerard Wenski Archdiocese of Miami FL
9/18 John Gerard Noonan Diocese of Orlando FL
9/19 Gerald Michael Barbarito Diocese of Palm Beach FL
9/20 William Albert Wack Diocese of Pensacola–Tallahassee FL
9/21 Erik Pohlmeier Diocese of St. Augustine FL
9/22 Gregory Lawrence Parkes Diocese of St. Petersburg FL
9/23 Frank Joseph Dewane Diocese of Venice FL
9/24 John Charles Wester Archdiocese of Santa Fe NM
9/25 James Sean Wall Diocese of Gallup NM
9/26 Peter Baldacchino Diocese of Las Cruces NM
9/27 Peter Forsyth Christensen Diocese of Boise ID
9/28 Thomas James Olmsted Diocese of Phoenix AZ
9/29 Edward Joseph Weisenburger Diocese of Tucson AZ
9/30 Alexander King Sample Archdiocese of Portland OR
10/1 Liam Stephen Cary Diocese of Baker OR
10/2 Paul Dennis Etienne Archdiocese of Seattle WA
10/3 Thomas Anthony Daly Diocese of Spokane WA
10/4 Joseph Jude Tyson Diocese of Yakima WA
10/5 José Horacio Gómez Archdiocese of Los Angeles CA
10/6 Joseph Vincent Brennan Diocese of Fresno CA
10/7 Daniel Elias Garcia Diocese of Monterey CA
10/8 Kevin William Vann Diocese of Orange CA
10/9 Alberto Rojas Diocese of San Bernardino CA
10/10 Robert Walter McElroy Diocese of San Diego CA
10/11 Salvatore Joseph Cordileone Archdiocese of San Francisco CA
10/12 Michael Charles Barber Diocese of Oakland CA
10/13 Jaime Soto Diocese of Sacramento CA
10/14 Oscar Cantú Diocese of San Jose CA
10/15 Robert Francis Vasa Diocese of Santa Rosa CA
10/16 Myron Joseph Cotta Diocese of Stockton CA
10/17 Clarence Richard Silva Diocese of Honolulu HI
10/18 George Leo Thomas Diocese of Las Vegas NV
10/19 Daniel Henry Mueggenborg Diocese of Reno NV
10/20 Oscar Azarcon Solis Diocese of Salt Lake City UT
10/21 Andrew Eugene Bellisario Archdiocese of Anchorage-Juneau AK
10/22 Chad William Zielinski Diocese of Fairbanks AK
10/23 Timothy Paul Broglio Archdiocese for the Military Services Military
10/24 Jerome Feudjio

Roberto González Nieves

Diocese of Saint Thomas

Archdiocese of San Juan

10/25 Daniel Fernández Torres

Eusebio Ramos Morales

Diocese of Arecibo

Diocese of Caguas

10/26 Luis Miranda Rivera

Ángel Luis Ríos Matos

Diocese of Fajardo–Humacao

Diocese of Mayagüez

10/27 Rubén González Medina

Michael Jude Byrnes

Diocese of Ponce

Archdiocese of Agaña

10/28 Ryan Pagente Jimenez

Peter Hugh Brown

Diocese of Chalan Kanoa

Diocese of Samoa–Pago Pago

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