Share Your Story at Champion

Was your time at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion memorable? We’d love to hear!

Share Your Story at Champion

Was your time at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help memorable? We’d love to hear!

Pilgrim Stories

“A very peaceful place where you can really get close to God. This is a place where you can come and sit in silence, pray and just think. A lot of people come here looking to be healed. Love coming here and its definitely worth the drive!”
Local Guide
The shrine is an oasis of peace and tranquility in the midst of the tumult and depravity consuming our world. Mary is truly our help. Her Immaculate Heart will prevail. Spending time in the chapel and the oratory strengthened my faith and confidence in God’s Providence. It was a silent retreat for me; alone with my thoughts and my God and His mother. It was truly a memorable time. This humble shrine, for me, reflects Mary’s humility and serenity.

“A perfect place to visit for everyone visiting the other “shrine” to football greatness in Green Bay. Volunteers and staff here are friendly, talkative and helpful. The apparition chapel is saturated with friendly spirits, the “cloud of witnesses” in Hebrews 12:1. Outside, there are plenty of walking paths to contemplate and pray.”

Joseph S.
“Wonderfully peaceful! The new ramp to the main doors of the chapel is beautiful. Also… The handicapped-accessible entrance to the lower level is SO helpful for my wife who uses a wheelchair.”
Jack J.
“Such a beautiful place, and the locals figured out I was not Catholic. While trying to blend in to get a few pictures, I crossed myself backward. But they invited me in for meditation anyway. The ladies in the gift shop were wonderful. I have made three different trips to Green Bay, and each trip I have stopped here.”
Tony K.
“Very spiritual and calming. I highly recommend it no matter what your beliefs.”
April D.

Share Your Experience

“Unbelievable experience! The shrine, church, and grounds are peaceful beyond belief… A place where a person can commune with Mary, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and feel at one with all. The history of the site is amazing as well. This is truly a place that all must visit at least once in their lifetime. We were in Green Bay for five days and visited almost every day… I will miss being able to attend daily mass and talking with the Blessed Virgin Mary in the shrine. We will absolutely return again in the future!” – Troy A.