Day Three: Novena to Our Lady of Good Help, Queen of Families February 3 (Copy)

03febAll DayDay Three: Novena to Our Lady of Good Help, Queen of Families February 3 (Copy)

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Join  us on this third day of the Novena to Our Lady of Good Help, Queen of Families, in praying for the Gift of Counsel.
Gift of Counsel

God bestowed His blessing and new names on Abraham and his wife, Sarah. He promised them land, prosperity and more descendants than stars in the sky. After years wandering a timeworn path of faithfulness, waiting for His promises to be fulfilled, they lost hope. In desperation, Sarah told Abraham to have a child with her maidservant and Abraham obeyed. Yet this did not satisfy the desire of their hearts or fulfill God’s plan for their marriage.

The answer to years of prayer was finally revealed when Abraham and Sarah invited three travelers into their tent to dine at their table. They served these divine guests with the humblest of provisions. Their hospitality and faithfulness were rewarded with joy and laughter at the unexpected birth of Isaac.

Our Struggles Today

Because we have the medical and technological ability to manipulate the gift of life and fertility, we face the temptation of rejecting God’s plan for our families. Rather than discerning and trusting in the Church’s wisdom and teachings, we rely on our own faulty reasoning. Taking matters into our own hands, we prevent life from beginning, intentionally end life in the womb, and create life in a lab without regard for the outcome. These decisions fail to fill the emptiness of our hearts.

Intercessory Prayer

Abraham and Sarah, please petition that God might give the gift of counsel to all families. Pray that this gift helps spouses serve the Lord by protecting the blessings of children they receive in their families. Intercede, also, that this counsel be a comfort to those who struggle with infertility. May we open our hearts and domestic churches to God’s loving plan, trusting in His design for us, whatever it may be. Let us invite the Trinity into our marriages and be guided in making selfless decisions concerning life.

Prayer of the Family: The Threshold of FaithGod, our loving Father and Creator, You invite families to participate in Your unique plan for salvation by entrusting to us the lives of our children, inscribing Your Divine image in their souls. This image or “icon” illuminates our families with Your face, transfiguring our homes into domestic churches. You stand at our thresholds knocking, waiting for us to throw open our doors and invite You to enter more fully into our family life. Let us not ignore Your repeated knocking, but welcome You, embracing the graces You wish to give. May these graces enable us to pass on the gift of our Catholic Faith to our children, giving them what they need for salvation and growth in holiness. It is from the threshold of our domestic church that our families will bring glory to You and hope to the world.

Our Lady of Good Help, Queen of Heaven, implore your Son to strengthen the gift of counsel in our families in order to teach our children what they should know for salvation.


February 3, 2025 All Day(GMT-05:00)

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