The Shrine Grottos

Explore the intimate places of prayer on the Shrine’s grounds.

The Shrine Grottos

Explore the intimate places of prayer on the Shrine’s grounds.

Our Lady of Fatima Grotto

This grotto is located near the 1885 Schoolhouse and is dedicated to the 1917 Marian Apparition that took place in Fatima, Portugal. A beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima is placed near a small pond where the statues of the three young shepherd children, Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta, are praying. Pauline Pond is a tribute to Sister Pauline LaPlante, the first of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross at Bay Settlement who took leadership of the shrine shortly after Adele’s death.

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto

Located along the Shrine’s Rosary Walk, the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes depicts the moment the young St. Bernadette saw Mary appear in 1858, the year before her appearance in Champion.

The Roadside Chapel

The Roadside Chapel is located along the Rosary Walk and is a similar representation of the original chapel built by Lambert Brise on the apparition spot in 1859. Looking within the chapel, one can see a little altar with various saint statues and devotional prayers adorning the walls.

Our Lady of Grace Grotto & Memorial

This special grotto and memorial is located along the ground’s Rosary Walk and is a tribute to our nation’s Veterans. The statue of Our Lady of Grace sits upon a brick platform with a plaque to the country’s military forces. Near the statue of Our Lady of Grace is also a statue of St. Michael the Archangel.

Adele’s Gravesite

Adele Brise, the visionary and central figure of the Shrine’s mission given by Our Blessed Mother, is buried next to the Apparition Chapel alongside the graves of some of her companions and the children she taught. Visitors can visit her gravesite and are encouraged to pray for her intercession in time of need.

St. Francis Grotto

Located near Adele’s Gravesite and along the Rosary Walk, the St. Francis of Assisi Grotto pays tribute to the life of the great Saint who is also the patron of animals. A statue of St. Francis is placed among benches for sitting and enjoying the beautiful nature around the grounds. Around his statue, one can also see various animal statues nearby.

St. John Paul II Grotto

The St. John Paul II Grotto, located on the Rosary Walk, is the Shrine’s newest addition. It allows visitors to sit with a life-sized bronze statue of St. John Paul II to contemplate his devotion to God. This sainted pope dedicated his pontificate to our Blessed Mother, brought the message of Divine Mercy to the entire world, and inspired youth to live for Christ.

St. Joseph Grotto

The St. Joseph Grotto is a quiet place to sit and reflect on the life of St. Joseph and his role as protector, father, and spouse. Guarded by two angel statues on either side, the statue of St. Joseph holding the child Jesus is situated between Mother of Mercy Hall and the Apparition Chapel.

Our Lady of Champion Grotto

Located right outside of Mother of Mercy Hall, The Our Lady of Champion Grotto depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary appearing to Adele Brise in 1859. A must-stop when visiting the grounds, many pilgrims pray in front of this area and take photos as a memory of their trip to Champion, Wisconsin.

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